archipelago tours

Fjällbacka archipelago has a history that goes far back in time. By getting on board on one of the daily tours on M/S Mira you will get to know more about how it was back in the day. Fisherman Ingemar is on board to tell you the history of the islands and the beautiful archipelago of Bohuslän, which is designated as one of the world’s most beautiful wilderness.

If the weather allows, M/S Mira sometimes takes a trip around Dannholmen and Ingrid Bergman’s summer house, which is located on the majestic cliffs. Take the tour to see how one of the most famous actresses through time spent her summers. Be aware that the islands will be looked at from a distance, as the boat will not go ashore.



 25 euro/adult and 15 euro/child (Up to 12 years of age)




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